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Parenting Successful Teens

Apr 2, 2020

Being a people-pleaser doesn’t help your family.

So understanding the difference between your desire to have a happy home where everyone gets along and being a people pleaser (even to your kids) is vital.

But sometimes it’s hard to tell if you are people-pleasing or just being nice.  Because getting along or making your kids happy does feel good.  So are you pleasing them or yourself?

In this week’s episode, we’ll dive into the science & social conditioning of people-pleasing vs. just being a nice person.


  • Genetic component of being a nice person.
  • Nature vs. nurture of people-pleasing.
  • What we can learn from disagreeable people.
  • How to tell when you’re people-pleasing vs. being nice.
  • How my willingness to disappoint my Mom changed her life (for the better).