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Parenting Successful Teens

Nov 7, 2019

When our teens struggle it’s natural to want to find an expert to help (therapist, tutor, music program, coach, etc).  But what if you are the expert they need the most?


  • The 2 traps parents fall into that make us feel powerless to help.
  • How our biology sets us to feel terrible when our kids are struggling.
  • The hurtful messages you might be sending by mistake.
  • Why you are uniquely gifted to be the ultimate expert on your child.
  • Exactly where to invest in expert advice that will have the most impact on your family.
  • The skills you need to develop to become the ultimate expert.

Helping parents become the experts their family needs is the exact work I do with my clients.   We’ll work through all the reasons you feel powerless to help your teen (including the fact they tune you out and ignore your brilliant advice!).  

When we are done, not only will your teens be on a better track, your whole family will be happier.  Raising teens can be a wild ride and it helps to have a road map. {
Get started now.}