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Parenting Successful Teens

Dec 5, 2019

One of the most common things I hear as a parent coach is:  “How will coaching me help my child?” 

This is such a great question because underlying the question is the thought that what the parent does, doesn’t matter.  Because if you are saying that changing how you think and act won’t change your child’s behavior, you are saying to a certain degree that your parenting doesn’t matter.

But we don’t really believe that because in that same conversation the parent will say some version of  “Why is he acting this way?” He was raised better.”

So we are caught in between believing that our actions matter to our kids and believing they don’t.  And in a way, you are exactly right. Your actions matter a lot. And not at all.

But in today’s podcast we are going to look at that truth in a more helpful way. 


  • The difference between having interactions and transactions with your kids.  
  • Why it’s developmentally important to shift from one to the other.
  • How transactions tempt us with the illusion of control.
  • How interactions form a strong foundation for a healthy adult relationship with your kids.
  • What YOU’LL gain from making that shift with your kids.

If you could use some help developing a stronger relationship, we should talk.  

Click here for a link to my calendar to set up a call.  On that call we’ll talk specifically about what’s going on in your family.  You’ll leave the call with a clearer understanding of what’s really happening and a concrete idea you can put into practice right away.