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Parenting Successful Teens

Sep 20, 2022

Our human bodies hate change.  They work hard to keep us at a stable temperature, blood pressure, etc. Otherwise, we'd pass out whenever we stood up or went outside on a hot summer day.

Similarly, we resist changes in our family relationships.  Adjusting as our kids grow older and more independent is hard work.  And that work isn't made easier by the familiar adage "everyone goes through it."

In this week's episode, we'll look at what DOES make changing relationships easier to navigate.

If you could use some help navigating the changes happening in your household, we should talk.  Click here to set up a time to talk about what's going on and explore what having support could look like.  

Moms just like you love this time to have a judgment-free set of eyes looking at their situation and offering a fresh prespective.