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Parenting Successful Teens

Feb 27, 2020

No matter how many great things I tried to do, it used to feel like I was failing my family in some vague yet important way.  I'd be feeling pretty good on the rare days I got everyone out of the house without yelling, and then read an article telling me all the vital things I should be doing but wasn’t.  Bam.  I’d be right back to thinking, "I'm definitely screwing them up".

That's when I figured out an important piece of information... apple news doesn’t know the best way to raise my kids.

More important than praising them in some "scientifically determined right way" or "signing them up for music classes" is the decision you make about how you think about yourself as a mom. 


  • Why what you think about yourself matters.
  • Difference between thinking highly of yourself and bragging.
  • What you accidentally teach your kids when you worry about screwing them up.
  • Why your mistakes can actually HELP your kids.
  • Benefits that come with believing you are a good mom.