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Parenting Successful Teens

Mar 12, 2020

No matter where you are in the world, right now you probably feel like you’ve got a lot to handle. From personal challenges like waiting for college decisions, to larger political clashes, potential pandemics, and the ever-present cold grey weather of a Michigan winter (voted 2nd toughest in the nation by travel site Thrillist). We are all having a lot of feelings we’d rather not have.

We try and put a smile on.  Grab a sleeve of Oreos. Pour a glass of wine. Maybe schedule a quick weekend getaway.  But once the glass is empty or there is nothing left but crumbs, our feelings are still there and nothing has really changed.

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about how to process our emotions so that we can let them go.  This will allow us to make good decisions rather than react in ways we later regret.


  • Difference between feeling your feelings and thinking about your feelings.
  • Why we avoid our feelings in the first place.
  • 3 different pathways for letting tough feelings go.
  • The BIG benefits of feeling your feelings before you make decisions or take action.