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Parenting Successful Teens

Feb 20, 2020

I often hear parents bemoaning their child’s teenager-y behavior and other parents comforting them by saying things like “Just wait.  He’ll come back.’  And I get it because what they are saying is they miss the sweet, attentive boy their son used to be.  But in so many ways it doesn’t make sense because you don’t want your boy to stay acting like he’s 10 when he’s 22 right?  That would mean he’s going to live in your basement forever.  No, you want him to be a fully formed, connected, loving adult man.  That’s who you are trying to raise.

So this week I’m going to share a vital skill in the process of raising that fully formed adult - unlearning.  Unlearning is the process of loosening up our attachment to “the way things were” so that we can get on board with how things are now.


  • The difference between unlearning and forgetting.
  • Ways unlearning can benefit your growth as well.
  • How unlearning sets the stage for healthy adult relationships.
  • 4 steps to go from unlearning the old way to learning the new way.
  • Cues to watch for that help you identify when you’ll benefit from unlearning.