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Parenting Successful Teens

Feb 23, 2023

Sometimes we get into situations where we feel a little over our heads.  Tune in this week to learn 2 strategies to make those situations easier to bear.

1.  Relentlessly being your own compassionate witness.
2.  Borrowing someone else's belief in you when your own faith in yourself is a little shaky.

If you want a coach on your side to help you navigate a challenging situation, we should talk.  Click here to schedule a free, 45 minute call to explore what having support could do for you.

You'll leave the call with a clear idea of your next steps and feeling like it was time well spent. 

One of my clients, Emily, said "I thought it would be weird telling a stranger my problems but you were so easy to talk to.  I'm so glad we talked and I got the support I needed."