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Parenting Successful Teens

Jan 9, 2020

Often what annoys you about your teenagers is something that annoys you about yourself.  This week we talk about how teenagers are nature's perfect mirror of the emotional baggage you’re still carrying around. 

For example: If you struggle with making decisions --> you worry about the decisions your kids are making as well.

If you struggle with setting boundaries, you will go ballistic when you see your child not getting their fair share. You will be the parent that emails the coach or the principle to set things "right".

All your relationships are mirrors. But kids are extra cool ones because they are just so constantly right there, showing us where we still need to grow.

  • Annoying neighbors --> You can move or avoid them.
  • Annoying bosses ---> You can change jobs.

But having kids is an up-close, in-home, personal development workshop that runs 24/7.