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Parenting Successful Teens

Nov 16, 2018

With only 46 days left in the year, it's time to get things done. Unless you are a procrastinator. For procrastinators, there's 45 days of stress and anxiety, and 1 frantic day of activity ahead.

Learn how to resist the pull of FB, and get so much done that you actually have time to enjoy the holiday season!

When you overcome procrastination you uplevel your kid's time management skills as well.  And time management is a key skill that teens need to learn in high school.  If they don't learn it in the structured environment of high school, then the unstructured days in college are going to be a struggle! 

I'm here to help with 2 additional resources.

A companion guide to the podcast: Click here for free Get it Done guide.

Free 20 minute mini coaching session to help you apply this podcast to your own procrastination struggles:  Click here to schedule free mini coaching session.