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Parenting Successful Teens

Sep 26, 2019

Today we are talking about how to motivate a teenager to do difficult homework. Parents try all kinds of tactics - bribes, nagging, yelling, taking their phone away, etc. And it kind of works if you can figure out a kid’s currency, you can get them to do things by taking it away.

But that sucks for you because you...

Sep 19, 2019

Myers Briggs, Disc Assessment, and the Enneagram personality tests, are these tests worthwhile for parents? There are almost as many personality tests as there are people!  But do they actually help us know who we are and why we act the way we do? Or are they a waste of time at best and even potentially harmful.


Sep 12, 2019

Do you believe that worrying is just part of being a Mom?  That it comes with the territory?

If so, you might have worry and conscientiousness confused.  Conscientiousness helps us move forward and do a good job as a mom.  Worry keeps us spinning in our tracks.  Worry is conscientiousness tipped over into...

Sep 5, 2019

“A mother’s job is endless…a selfless human who must sacrifice many of their wants and needs for the wants and needs of their children.” Sounds overwhelming but familiar, right? Maybe you’ve said “it feels endless” yourself.

That quote is the Google selected response to the search “what is my job as a...