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Parenting Successful Teens

Oct 24, 2019

Why do people get into arguments about toilet paper?  Which way it goes? Who isn’t replacing it? Why it’s sitting on top of the holder?

Changing the roll takes about 10 seconds.  Fighting about it takes 5 minutes.  Or longer if you turn it into a discussion about how you do “all the work around here”.

If this argument sounds familiar, today’s episode is for you. When we get into arguments like this, we are confusing a “thinking” problems with “doing” problems.  We think we wouldn’t be mad if they would just change the roll.  But we don’t have to let annoyances like this put us in a bad mood.

It may seem like a tiny thing, but we multiply these tiny arguments over the course of our days and our weeks and create so much stress for ourselves. 

So this week I’m showing you a new way to see these problems so that you can stop being annoyed and experience more peace in your home.


  • The difference between thinking problems and doing problems.
  • How our biology sets us to solve thinking problems with doing solutions.
  • Why we get in fights over simple requests like unloading the dishwasher.
  • What my neighbor did to interrupt the episode with a perfect example.
  • How solving my thinking problems role modeled it for my son.
  • Why getting on top of thinking problems now will give you less stressful holiday season.